Kimono Dreams in Pastel

Kimono Dreams in Pastel
Item# 13-5527

Product Description

Kimono Dreams in Pastel
Example shown as tote options. Instantly create a roomy bag that can go the distance with all you want to carry along for the day.

Printed on both sides with distinct time-honored Japanese patterns in flattering color shades. One side features a traditional pattern consisting of concentric dotted waves in light purple. The light blue side features the time-honored pattern "asonoha," which was often seen on the Japanese kimono and remains in widespread use today. Asanoha star like geometric pattern represents overlapping hemp leaves. A symbol both of protection and strength.

Available in purple/blue color combination. Reverse the side for a new look! Use for stylish carry-all totes, shoulder bag, home decor, picnic basket wrap and more!

  • 100% cotton and made in Japan
  • Machine washable and durable
  • About 41" (105cm 105cm) size
  • Reversible

red/lightblueshown as simple shoulder bag wrap
red/lightblueshown as 4-corner tie wrap with large belt handle in soft black

Cover it, Wrap it, Bag it!