The True Spirit of Eco-Style

Inspiring history. Intriguing product.

Meet furoshiki, the creative use of fabric based on simple wrapping techniques.
A centuries-old tradition re-emerging from Japan's rich cultural past to make a positive impact on the modern world (as well as your personal style.)

Starting with a square cloth, take a moment to tie a few knots and wowza--a chic bag! The best part? You donít need to be an artist to instantly create a bag. Turning these fabric pieces into captivating style statements is really a cinch.

Add Stand- Out Accessories-

Get ready for a whole new way of accessorizing. Redefine your look with a bag as original as you! If eye-catching accessories are the new wardrobe essentials, furoshiki's got you covered.

Unlock the hidden potential of these versatile cloths by following simple step-by-step techniques. Enjoy an alternative to factory assembled style, whatever size to suit the occasion, from mini handbags to carry-all totes.

Add Playful Accents to Your Home & Special Gifts-

Born from a centuries old earth-conscious ideology which valued re-usability "one item, many uses." These textiles will not only add playful accessories to your wardrobe but beautify your home and special gifts as well!

The techniques are much simpler than you might think and some only require following a few steps of folding. Forgo the predictable wine bag or gift wrap with a pre-destination for the trash can. Nothing makes for a more memorable gift than one wrapped in a furoshiki.

In a nutshell--we provide quality furoshiki textiles from Japan, sold individually, ready for you to customize in oh so many surprising ways.


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