Karakusa Stripe

Karakusa Stripe
Karakusa Stripe
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Product Description

Karakusa Stripe

Example shown as shoulder bag wrap technique. For a look that is flatteringly chic with a touch of boho, a guaranteed fashion statement unlike any other. Create your own style and own it, because you know nobody else will have a bag like yours!

Both sides feature a diagonal striped iconic karakusa theme. Karakusa is the most classic vintage furoshiki pattern. The unbroken winding plant motif symbolizes everlasting prosperity and is considered a lucky pattern. Originally brought to Japan via Buddhist arts. Different colors on each side so you can reverse for a whole new look!

Available in red/gray or green/yellow color combinations. Use it for stylish carry-all totes, home decor, cushion wrap, yoga mat wrap and more.

  • 100% lightweight cotton and made in Japan
  • Machine washable and durable
  • About 40" (103cm×103cm) size
  • Reversible

red/lightblue red/lightblue

Cover it, Wrap it, Bag it!