Botanical Shimmer

Botanical Shimmer
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Product Description

Botanical Shimmer
*This fabric is best suited as gift wrap. Consider this furoshiki for medium sized boxes, wine bottles (750 ml), sake bottles (720 ml) or bouquets (around 18 inches long). Wrapping flowers in fabric highlights their look instantly and this subtle pattern will not detract from a bouquet's natural beauty. Make a great impression with a little help from this elegant furoshiki.

Both sides feature a subtle pattern (plum tree blossom, pine needle, & maple leaf) combined with an iridescent color gradation sheen. The front and back are dyed differently so both sides can be enjoyed. Available in green/purple or pink/gray color combinations.

  • Fabric contains a light thin blend of acetate 55%, rayon 40% & polyester 5%
  • Made in Japan and machine washable in cold water
  • About 29" (75cm×75cm) size
  • Each piece is unique in color and gradation

red/lightbluepink/gray color
red/lightbluepink/gray color shown as O-ring style bag with medium handle in chestnut red
red/lightbluepink/gray color shown as gift wrap

Cover it, Wrap it, Bag it!